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    CNET's Cheapskate scours the Web for great deals on PCs, phones, gadgets and much more. Questions about the Cheapskate blog? Find the answers on our FAQ page. And find more great buys on the CNET Deals page.I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for "Best of" lists. Best movies of the year, best books, best TV shows ("Master of None" and "Mr. Robot," in case you're wondering) -- I eat that stuff up.Meanwhile, I've been looking back at some of my favorite deals of the past year, so it only made sense to compile a list of my own. Here, then, in no particular order, are the best tech deals of 2015. See if you agree with my picks, then hit the comments to nominate your own.

    Before 2015 I'd never heard of RingPlus, but, wow, did this newcomer make a splash. Just last month, the carrier offered new subscribers a totally free plan including 1,500 voice minutes, 1,500 text messages and 1.5GB of data per month. There were a few catches, sure, but nothing major.

    That deal has since expired, but you can still hop on their Michelangelo plan and get 1,000 minutes, 1,000 messages and 500MB of data -- again, totally free. You can either bring your own Sprint phone or buy one of theirs; either way, this is the cell-service deal to beat.Regular Cheapskate readers know by now that mobile chargers come in all shapes and sizes, and that I strongly prefer those that have built-in microSD and/or Lightning cables.

    But I'm also a sucker for aesthetics, which is why I continue to harbor deep love for the Solove Roco and Titan. These 10,000mAh and 20,000mAh chargers are as slim and sexy as they come, and at $32.99 and $42.99, they're reasonably priced -- though I've shared deals on both that put them under $30. You can find chargers for even less, but they won't look anywhere near this cool.

    To see the Ninja Loop is to scoff. To use the Ninja Loop is to wonder where this accessory has been hiding all your life. This simple strap, which installs inside and around just about any smartphone case, simplifies one-handed operation and lowers your chance of dropping your phone.Even better, last month's deal is still in effect: If you buy one Ninja Loop (at the newly lowered price of $4.99), you'll get one free. Simple, smart, effective and cheap -- what's not to like?

    No-brainer, right? The best cheap tablet must be Amazon's $50 Fire. No doubt about it, that's an amazing deal, and definitely one of my favorites of 2015. But it's not at the top of my list.That spot goes to the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 8, a tablet that offers more than just a bargain price ($159.99); it offers innovation as well. Among the highlights: amazing battery life, a built-in kickstand, a rotating 8-megapixel camera, front-facing speakers and Lenovo's really cool AnyPen technology. Read my earlier take if you want to learn more.Can a $150 laptop possibly be any good? That was the question I hoped to answer last month when Lenovo quietly unveiled its Ideapad 100s, an 11.6-inch Windows 10 laptop that would be sold exclusively at Best Buy for $149.99.

    Alas, that introductory promo has ended; the 100s now goes for $199.99 (though it briefly dipped back to $169.99 last week, so keep an eye out for future sales). But that price still gets you a surprisingly nice laptop: slim design, gorgeous candy-red shell, solid frame and keyboard, even a 1-year Office 365 Personal subscription. It's a bit slow, yes, and the USB 2.0 ports and limited trackpad (no two-finger scrolling? Seriously?) are maddening. But it's still an amazing buy, especially if Best Buy ever repeats the $150 deal. (Note: Don't like Windows? There's a Chromebook version available from Adorama for $164.99.)

    The new Pebble Time? Ugh, I was so excited and then so disappointed. (Forget the high-ish price and ugly design; dang thing just won't stay paired to my iPhone.) No, for me, the real smartwatch excitement this year was the Martian Notifier, which, although it debuted in 2014, found its way to many a clearance site. In fact, Groupon is currently offering the Notifier for just $39.99 -- not the lowest price I've seen, but still a steal considering that it originally listed for $129.95.

    It delivers exactly what I want from a smartwatch: long battery life (at least a week) and reliable notifications. Sure, the ticker-tape screen is tiny and the watch itself is a little bland, but for $40? It's an easy decision.What is a VR headset except a couple special lenses and a molded case to hold your smartphone? Turns out you don't need to settle for a cheapie cardboard version, nor spend upward of $100 for a plastic one.

    Instead, grab the Ritech Riem III VR headset for $13.78 shipped. Or, even better, the Riem III with Bluetooth remote for $18.03 shipped. Both models are surprisingly solid, with a comfortable headstrap, a padded viewport (one large enough to accommodate eyeglasses) and adjustable lenses.

    I touched on this yesterday, but the most fun I had in 2015 was riding a hoverboard. Yes, they don't really hover. Yes, a handful have caught fire. Yes, accident-prone people may hurt themselves. But remember: smartphone and laptop batteries occasionally burst into flames as well, and back when Rollerblades were new, ERs were similar full of people with busted wrists. Just saying.

    Battery problems will decline, prices will drop even further and hoverboards will be everywhere in 2016. I know, that's more of a prediction. In the meantime, Monoprice continues to offer a black hoverboard with a Samsung battery for $289.99 shipped -- far less than most of the models still available on Amazon.The smartphone killed the MP3 player and GPS. Streaming TV boxes like Roku and Apple TV killed the DVD player. And so on.But 2015 was the year major tech companies tried — and failed — to kill the laptop.

    Microsoft surprised people at first with the introduction of the Surface Book, a laptop with a screen that detaches and works as a tablet. The initial reviews were pretty good, but once customers actually got their hands on the device, they found it was plagued with bugs like a faulty trackpad and screen flickers.Microsoft also released the Surface Pro 4, which like its predecessors, has an awkward form factor that doesn’t make it a suitable laptop alternative.Google released the Pixel C, an Android tablet with a clever magnetic keyboard cover. While the hardware was impressive, reviewers blasted the software. Most Android apps are still designed for smartphones and look awkward on tablet-sized screens, making the Pixel C a poor replacement for a regular laptop.

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    If you have specific needs (2lbs weight, 12” screen, gaming performance) there may be alternative/specialized options, but you will pay it in size, weight, comfort and productivity.
    At the moment, the Lenovo Yoga 900 is the easy 13.3” Windows laptop choice in the $1200 range. It sets the bar higher, not only in terms of absolute features and performance but especially in terms of “quality for the price” which is one of the most important feature of all.
    Crafting the perfect lap-friendly computing companion is a delicate balance between weight and performance. Add powerful processors, expect hefty returns. If lightweight is what you want, packing in the best processors, along with cooling systems, can be a challenge. For the new Yoga 900 Series, Lenovo decided to rethink the formula.

    With last year’s Yoga Pro 3, Lenovo went thin — way thin. Like half-an-inch thin. But with that focus on shaving off every millimetre possible, some sacrifices crept in. One being the low-powered Core M processor, which brings better battery life (theoretically) and a fanless design, but don’t expect to be play any gigahertz-hungry games or just being a general power user without a few performance hiccups.

    As you can see from the video above, the laptop is beautiful. Upon taking it out of the box, I was immediately impressed by the design. The aluminum body feels extremely premium, which should make you feel confident about your purchase. It is obvious that much care went into the design; I love the many striking angles. It is clearly a gaming machine in its design, but not overly flashy like other game-focused laptops. It is elegant and mature, while also looking bad-ass.

    Above the keyboard is branding that had me very excited -- Onkyo. Yes, the speakers are made by the famed audio hardware manufacturer. Guess what? They sound brilliant. Whether gaming, listening to music, or watching movies, audio is loud and crisp. While the bass is a bit lacking, it is still one of the most satisfying audio experiences I've had on a laptop. The speakers are even angled towards the user for optimal positioning.

    With the new 13.3-inch Yoga 900 — a different name, yes, but a true successor to the Yoga 3 Pro — you’re getting the best Intel processor, namely a Core i7 Skylake processor, along with either 8GB or 16GB of RAM and a 256 or 512 solid-state drive respectively. But with that, comes a little more bulk. Not much mind you, but some.

    The Yoga 900 packs on about 0.2 extra pounds but only adds 1.5 millimetres, but even when comparing side-by-side, the two laptops still look and feel remarkably similar. Even with the added lbs, the Yoga 900 is currently the thinnest Skylake convertible laptop out there, and with an increased 66Wh battery (up from 44Wh), you’ll hopefully get at least more than 5 hours of real-world use. Lenovo’s currently guessing up to 8 hours.

    But adding extra weight can be particularly risky, especially when a laptop is designed to be an all-in-one with a built-in 360-degree hinge. To be honest, a tablet that weights 2.8 pounds sounds like a chiropractic nightmare to me, which was already a problem with the lighter Yoga 3 Pro. I can’t see the 900 series being much better.

    Lenovo also says they have improved on the Yoga’s (arguably) stylish watchband hinge, adding more durability so when using the touchscreen in laptop mode, the screen doesn’t give under the pressure of your finger. However, when comparing this feature, it wasn’t apparent anything was too incredibly different.

    The keyboard gets a slight makeover by adding an extra row, freeing the multimedia keys that were previously embedded in the keyboard on the Yoga 3 Pro. But the keys themselves keep the scissor-hinge design and pretty minimal key travel, which could be a plus or minus depending on your personal typing preference. Oh, and the Yoga family will also be joining the USB Type-C party, but its charger remains the fantastically convenient USB charger, which gives you another USB 3.0 port (when you don’t need the juice.)

    And finally, a few things stay the same. For example, the display is still the same 3200×1800 beast, which can handle all your QHD+ content. Hopefully, Lenovo’s paid a little more attention this time around to viewing angles and light leakage problems we saw last year.

    IF YOU WERE lucky enough to snag a new device—a phone, a laptop, a TV, a tablet, whatever—the fun doesn’t stop there. Now you get to trick it out. Collected below are some of our favorite accessories for your personal electronics. Things we love, that we ourselves own and endorse. You can’t go wrong with any of this stuff.

    You can’t have enough of these bad boys. They are the bobby pins of the electronics world: always getting shoved into couch cushions and buried at the bottoms of backpacks. Plan on losing at least a couple a year, maybe breaking one at some point, who knows?

    See how pretty your new device is? Well it’s never going to look that way again. But you can keep it relatively close by wrapping it in protective gear. Keep the glass display scratch-free with a Tech Armor Screen Protector or a NuShield Screen Protector. The BodyGuardz Pure Screenguardz are made of glass, and feel really nice under the fingertip. For full-phone protection, it’s tough to find something more rugged than an OtterBox Case with a built-in screen protector. Another great option is a LifeProof FRE Cases, which also has a built-in screen shield.

    Lenses for Your Phone Camera
    Sure, your new phone’s camera is pretty damn good—but what if it could be pretty damn great? Accessory lenses will take your Insta potential to a whole new category of ❤️s. The new Photojojo Iris Lens Series is awesome, especially the way it lashes onto your phone. Aukey’s 3-in-1 clip-on lens kit is inexpensive ($16) and works with multiple models of phone. If you want to step up and take really amazing pictures, get a really amazing lens system like one of the options from Moment.

    Cheap Earbuds
    Earbuds! You will lose these. You will lose so many of these it’s stupid. Buried in bags, pockets, drawers—some will break, some will tangle to the point of hopelessness. So pick up a few cheapies to keep lying around for quick runs, short flights, whatever. Our current favorite is the Mrice E300s, which gives you really great sound for around $20. Another good option around $20 are the Brainwavez Delta earbuds. For around $12, you can get a pair of Panasonic RPTCM125Ks (and how about that name huh?). Chinese phone-maker Xiaomi also has some brand new $20 headphones that look and sound great.